This section of Module 3 delves into the concept of composability in programs, focusing on how it operates in Solana and Ethereum, and introduces the implementation of Cross-Program Invocation (CPI) techniques.
Introduction To Cross-Program Invocation (CPI)

In this lesson, we delve into the intricacies of building a CPI-enabled Flip program using Solidity on the Solana platform.

Building on our understanding of Solana programs, accounts, instructions, transactions, SPL tokens, and JSON RPC calls from earlier modules, this module focuses on Cross-Program Invocation (CPI), Program-Derived Addresses (PDA), and composability in Solana programming.

Our previous modules laid the groundwork in understanding the integration of Solana's high-performance blockchain with Solidity's syntax. We applied these concepts practically by creating smart contracts and fungible tokens.

This module introduces the concept of program composition in Solana. We'll delve into Cross-Program Invocation (CPI), a sophisticated mechanism allowing Solana programs to interact and communicate. Additionally, we'll explore program-derived addresses (PDAs) and their role in Solana's architecture. Our primary aim is to demonstrate the composability of Solana programs through practical

Examples and the coordination of multiple Solana programs.

By the end of this module, you'll have a thorough understanding of the composability concept in Solana programming. We'll examine how programs can interact, share data, and collaborate within the Solana ecosystem. To illustrate these concepts effectively, we'll use Solana accounts to create sample programs that exemplify program composition and CPI.

For those who wish to revisit foundational concepts, a review of the previous modules in this series is recommended. They provide a solid basis for understanding the advanced topics covered in this module. You can access them here: Solana-Solang Guide.

The source code for this Module's CPI Flip Program is available at: CPI Flip Program GitHub Repository.

Throughout this module, we will guide you step-by-step through the process of creating and understanding a CPI-enabled program, enhancing your skills and knowledge in blockchain development on the Solana platform.