This section offers an introduction to our Solana and Solidity course, outlining the key components and learning objectives.
Before You Start

In this lesson, we will discuss the prerequisites necessary to begin the course effectively.

This lesson highlights the fundamental prerequisites for the course. It is essential for participants to have basic programming skills, a working understanding of Git and GitHub, among other skills. The structure of the course material is also outlined here.

For a productive start, participants should have:

  • A fundamental understanding of programming.
  • Basic knowledge of Solidity development and TypeScript.
  • Familiarity with Git basics.
  • Qualities such as perseverance and a proactive problem-solving approach.
  • Prior experience in blockchain development is not required.
  • A reasonable proficiency in a chosen programming language, typically gained after 100-200 hours of practice, is expected.

The course is structured for sequential consumption. Each section builds upon the previous one, offering a mix of conceptual overviews and practical exercises. It's beneficial to first read through the material before attempting the coding demos. As you progress, you will be developing a comprehensive application, with some demos extending over multiple sections. Active participation in coding, along with making small, independent modifications, is highly encouraged. The example code for applications is available on GitHub.

The course is divided into eight parts, starting with part "0" for continuity with previous versions. Each part corresponds to about half a week's study, requiring 6-9 hours on average. The course is designed to be flexible in terms of duration and pace.

We advocate for mastery learning, meaning you should not move to the next section until you've fully grasped the current one. The exercises in each part are crucial for understanding and are integral to the final projects.

Key points to remember before starting the course:

  • This course is a concentrated introduction to Solidity on Solana.
  • It doesn't cover every aspect of Solidity in depth.
  • The primary focus is on developing skills for the Solana platform.
  • Emphasis is placed on visualizing Solana concepts more than Solidity specifics.
  • Ensure all system requirements and installations are correctly set up before beginning the course.

Let's embark on this learning journey with the right preparation and mindset!